Jim Gales, CHS

Jim Gales


Gales Design and Consulting, LLC



1. Married to Becky for 43 years.

2. We have been blessed two children and six grandchildren.
    They all live close to us so we have the pleasure of spending a fair
    amount of time with them.

3. We live in Greeley, CO and enjoy traveling.


1. Graduated from White Lake High School, White Lake SD. A small town of 400 people until first day of pheasant hunting season when it grows to 2,000, then quickly back to 400.

2. Attended SDSU.

3. Acquired many certifications over work career:

a. Executive Leadership and many other Leadership trainings.

b. Many Procore Certifications.

c. PMP.

d. LEAN.

Professional Background

1. Started in construction during high school with my own business doing agricultural and residential construction. After 10 years, decided to do something different.

2. Twenty-two years in Agricultural Cooperative Executive Management, COO, CFO, CEO, and GM.

a. Managed grain marketing and supply cooperatives.

b. While doing cooperative management, my wife and I built and flipped houses.

3. 12 years managing the CHS Country Operations Construction Department.

a. From department inception, I worked to continually improve and streamline the construction process, reducing the stress for management by successfully completing projects on time and budget.

b. I became a Subject Matter Expert on the design, procurement and construction of grain and agronomy facilities.

4. While working at CHS, I started Gales Design and Consulting, LLC as a part-time business, serving Non-Cooperative clients as an Owners Representative.

5. In June of 2022, I retired from CHS to focus of GDC.


1. Reduce the construction-related stress for Owners.

2. Provide Owners a methodical approach to successful projects where they are in total control.

3. Lead the process with Owners to understand their needs and then design the project to meet the needs within their budget.

4. Facilitate a process of assembly of “right” people at the “right” time to gain the “right” project information for the “right” results.